HTC is all set for its next flagship device after this year’s HTC One X+. According to Unwired View, the next phone will be what is at the moment known as the HTC M7. It can be assumed that the device will make its debut during the Mobile World Congress. It is all set to be … Continue reading

Spotting Curiosity on Mars possible

Determining the position of the robot Curiosity will be possible by studying the eclipses of Phobos, the larger of the two moons of Mars. So far, locating the rover has been done using the data emitted by its antennae or by examining the images sent back to Earth by the probes orbiting the Red Planet. … Continue reading

Facebook faces problems in Germany due to real name policy

Facebook seems to be in trouble in Europe. According to IT World, a German privacy regulator has ordered the social networking giant to stop forcing its policy of having real names on the website. This is attributed to the fact that the policy goes against a German law that gives users the rights to use aliases … Continue reading

How to: 6 cool things to do with your old computer

We’ve all cycled through PCs and notebooks and there always comes a time when you can’t upgrade your PC any more, or even sell it. The only option left is to sell it off as scrap or let it lie around gathering dust. However, there are a number of things that you can do with … Continue reading

How to: Make your own portable apps

Learn how to instantly create your own portable apps Some use IrfanView as a basic image editor, while others prefer using Photoshop. You might even use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for a more advanced use. Well, the software is usually installed on individual PCs and when you are using another PC, be it in office, college, … Continue reading

How To: Create punchy black & white photos

Black and white photos have a charm of their own. Drama, emotions and actions get highly intensified in black and white. Black and white photos have a charm of their own. Drama, emotions and actions get highly intensified in black and white. The easiest way to convert a colour photo to black and white is … Continue reading

How To: Use a laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater

Learn how you can use any laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater. Almost all homes and offices today have an Internet connection either via a cable operator, telephone line or USB dongle. Sharing a single Internet connection with all other wireless-enabled devices at home or office requires a wireless router and these are available for as … Continue reading

Tools to protect your web search privacy

Tools to protect your web search privacy   Tools and services to help you protect your privacy from nosey parkers, Big Brother, et al, while conducting searches online.   Some search engines log personally identifiable information (PII) such as location, IP addresses, digital identity, and other data to make the search results more relevant to … Continue reading

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