Hacker leaks Bangladesh Intelligence classified Emails

Hacker leaks Bangladesh Intelligence classified Emails Indian hacker, Godzilla once again hit Bangladesh government server. Hacker told us about his latest cyber attack on Directorate General of Forces Intelligence Bangladesh (DGFI – www.dgfi.gov.bd) server . He claimed to back up all confidential mails in the server and list of all their agents around the globe. Hacker taunt Bangladesh govt , “To all … Continue reading

Malware stole 3000 confidential Documents from Japan ministry

Malware stole 3000 confidential Documents from Japan ministry Japan ministry become the recent victim of a cyber attack through a malware that suspected to have compromised and sent overseas more than 3,000 confidential documents from the ministry, including many on global trade negotiations. After investigation, experts found that Hackers use “HTran” the Advanced Persistant Threat (APT) exploit … Continue reading

Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities

Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities RED HAT has fixed multiple web application security issues that allowed hackers to extract website database using Blind SQL injection. Red Hat also confirmed a cross site scripting and Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities on their website. Mohamed Ramadan Security Researcher and Trainer Attack-Secure, told ‘The Hacker News‘ that last year he reported 3 flaws to the … Continue reading

Anonymous Hackers leaks video of Steubenville rape case

Anonymous Hackers leaks video of Steubenville rape case   Two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio are under arrest for the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. Newly leaked video sheds more light on what may have happened to a girl who told police she was raped by these high school football players in … Continue reading

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