Facebook for Android update brings voice messages

Following the big announcement of Facebook Graph, which lets you search within Facebook, Facebook has updated its Android app. While the image browsing feature has been tweaked to make it better, the update also brings two new features.

The following are the revamped and newly added features:

  • Open and view photos faster.
  • Share your friends’ stories to timelines, pages and groups.
  • Send voice messages when you have more to say
You can now send voice message...

You can now send voice messages…

Firstly, with the updated app, your pictures will now load faster. This isn’t much of a significant improvement, as it may again vary on your device and network connection. The two newly introduced features will definitely earn Facebook some brownie points.

One of the major update is how you share stories on Facebook. You now have greater control on the posts from friends or links you may want to share. Earlier, you could share only on your timeline, but thanks to the update, you can now choose whom you want to share with. You can choose to share with friends, pages or even groups.

Now to the most exciting update. With your Facebook app for Android, you can now send voice messages to your friends. The ability to send voice messages via Facebook app will certainly be an added bonus. However, this is certainly not a new feature, as it was recently introduced for Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS. On the Messenger, sending a voice message involves clicking on the ‘record voice’ option, holding down the red button to begin recording and simply releasing it when done. Currently, on the Messenger it allows you to record up to a one-minute long message. Facebook wants to promote the Messenger app and recently spruced it up to stay in the race, especially with WhatsApp hogging all the limelight.

According to reports, with these updates, Facebook is keeping its resolve of introducing features and updating its mobile app every four to eight weeks. So we can expect a few more changes and updates in the coming months.


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