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Do you know what is in your computer? Maybe you peeked when the repair technician was installing amazing for you. When you primary open up the CPU and seem inside, a computer is a very intimidating machine. But once you are acquainted with about the dissimilar parts that make up a total computer it gets a lot easier. Today’s computer consists of around eight main devices; some of the advanced computers might have a few additional mechanisms. What are these eight main components and what are they used for? We will start with beginner level facts to get you in progress.

First is the Power Supply. The authority provides is used to provide electrical energy to all of the mechanism in your computer. It is usually a rectangular box and is more often than not located in one of the corners of the computer. To find it intended for sure, look to see where the authority cable plug into the back of the computer and you have found the power supply. Most authority supplies today are intended in wattage and approach in 50 watt increments (500 watt, 550, 600, etc

Second is the Motherboard. All of the mechanism is connected into the motherboard; it doesn’t mean that it is the brain of the processor. Yes it holds the brain and helps it act together with all the other mechanism of the machine.

The third and a very important component of a computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), Known as the brain of the computer and nothing is going to happen without it. All major calculation performed by a computer are carried out inside its CPU. It is also responsible for activating and controlling the operations of other units of the system. The faster the CPU can do these calculations and give the correct answers, the faster the computer runs for the user. CPUs are now measured in gigahertz (Ghz) and they are at present up to our 3.8GHz or faster

A fourth component is the RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is used as momentary working storage for the computer. We have different types of RAM memory with different speed, but it should match with your motherboard so that it can work properly. The more RAM you have in your computer, the better your computer will work.

The fifth component is the Hard drive. This is where you can store everything. Our material on the hard drive includes the operating system (Windows XP, etc), games, and different types of software, etc. over the year the capacity of the hard drive is continuously improving and in the interval of few years its capacity have gone from around 20MB to over 500GB and more. So you can store a lot more information on your computer such as games, pictures, videos, applications, and more.

Sixth component is Cooling fans. Often most computers come with one cooling fan or it might have several. Its help to cool down the heat generated by others components, Such as power supply, the CPU, and some high-end video cards. The work of all of your cooling fans is to get this heat out of the case so that nothing overheats and breaks. While most of the noise you hear coming from a computer can be credited to the cooling fans, remember to be tolerant. The cooling fan is your friend!

Our Seventh and final component is the mixture of several different devices. These are the Cd-rom, DVD drives, floppy Drive and Backup devices such as external hard drive.

Newest compute processor


Latest computer provides high speed dispensation, great presentation, effortless multitasking and a theatrical increase in your output. Get the most out of it with a new PC. Today’s desktops and notebook present greater performance, quality and dependability than ever previous to. These computers have 2X faster presentation, less waiting, sleek design and keep you productive, entertained and knowledgeable. New technology gives you the presentation you require in the design you desire. Let’s take a look on Next Generation computer.

Dual-Core processor

Core(TM) 2 Duo Processor

Quad-Core computer

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