Interview with Michael Read: Producer, Crysis 3

After arguably diluting eye candy and gameplay to appease the console crowd with Crysis 2, the formerly PC-exclusive franchise has returned with its third iteration and has tremendous expectations riding on it. We chatted up Michael Read, Producer for Crysis 3 and discussed how the game balances its console and PC leanings and what it … Continue reading

Valve launches Linux version of Steam with massive discount on games

Valve has launched the Linux version of its digital distribution platform Steam. To commemorate the launch, the company is offering a huge sale on more than 50 games from the Steam for Linux library. Some of the highlights of the sale include Serious Sam 3: BFE for $7.99 instead of $39.99, World of Goo for $2.49 instead … Continue reading

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review

The market for games involving giant robots has been primarily dominated by western developers with games like Mech Warrior and the recent Hawken. This isn’t to say that there haven’t been any mech-based games from eastern studios, as I’m sure you’ll find tons of Gundam tie-in games to prove me wrong. These games, nevertheless, weren’t … Continue reading

Next-gen Xbox may require players to be always online

It looks like Microsoft will be trying its hardest to shut down the sales/use of second-hand games. According to EDGE, players will be required to be constantly connected to the Internet to play games on the next version of the Xbox. Along with this, it will also debut a new and more powerful version of the Kinect. Citing … Continue reading

PS4 design concepts

While there are no official images of the PS4 that have made their way online, what we have are some very interesting as well as some obscure design concepts. Recently, Sony had its PlayStation fanboys in a tizzy when it released a video asking fans to get ready for the “future of PlayStation”. With an … Continue reading

Gamers in India facing highest risk of infection, theft

Among PC users, gamers are most at threat in India, a report by Kaspersky Lab indicates. In 2012, Kaspersky recorded 7,000 attempts every day to infect gamers around the world. The report states that in 2012, the top three countries targeted by cyber-criminals were Russia, China, and India. These are the countries where gamers face … Continue reading

Young indie developer Kinects your life

A young indie developer puts to use the Kinect’s abilities to recognise speech, gestures, and motion to build useful, inexpensive applications for one and all.   Afour-wheeled robot revs up and travels across the room as twenty two-year-old Samarth Shah verbally commands it to move forward. The robot is connected to a computer and the … Continue reading

GameStick Kickstarter campaign ends at $650,000

The Kickstarter campaign for PlayJam’s attempt at an Android-based gaming console – the GameStick – has ended. The campaign met all the stretch goals that the company had set out for, and made $647,658 through 5,691 backers. The GameStick will be released in four colours – white, black, red and another colour that will be picked through … Continue reading

Valve quietly ports Half-Life to OSX and Linux

After a fifteen-year wait, OS X and Linux users can finally enjoy the original Half-Life on their Macs and Linux PCs. Valve has not yet officially announced the port, but Cult of Mac has confirmed that the game does download to, install and run on OS X, and is available for $9.99 (approx Rs 500) on Steam. Geek claims … Continue reading

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