Finally, a computer that can heal itself!

This is every PC user’s best dream, every bit – to have a computer that never crashes. New Scientist reports that there is now a self-repairing machine operating at the University College London (UCL) that can get back up after crashes, by repairing corrupted data. The computer reportedly works on the principle of nature, its “apparent randomness”. … Continue reading

Flaw in Intel Ethernet controller exposes to ‘packet of death’ attack

The hardware qualification is a very important issue, recent vulnerabilities discovered in network appliances of various manufacturer have alerted security community once again on the necessity to validate the hardware especially for large consume product. The last news is related to a vulnerability related to the Intel’s 82574L Ethernet controller that expose equipment to risk … Continue reading

Drivers for Gigabyte Ultra HD resolution support now available

Gigabyte has launched the latest driver version for Intel’s HD4000 graphics, which provide support for Ultra HD 4K resolutions using the Intel Collage technology. Powered by Intel HD4000 Graphics, Gigabyte’s Dual Thunderbolt motherboards can take advantage of the new 4K Collage graphics driver to power an Ultra HD 4k resolution video stream split across four … Continue reading

Apple once again blocks Java web plugin on OS X

For the second time this year, Apple has blacklisted the Java Web plugin on OS X. The block, which was revealed on an Apple discussion board, applies to the current version of the plugin after an earlier attempt to patch a critical vulnerability was found to have not fixed the issue. The plugin could still be … Continue reading

Office 2013 vs Office 365: Should you buy or subscribe?

Pirated or legal, the vast majority of us use Microsoft Office. It’s impossible to imagine computers without Word, Excel and PowerPoint and very few people are fully satisfied with the alternatives that have appeared over the years. One huge reason for that is piracy—since the very first Windows PCs appeared in Indian homes and offices, … Continue reading

Valve quietly ports Half-Life to OSX and Linux

After a fifteen-year wait, OS X and Linux users can finally enjoy the original Half-Life on their Macs and Linux PCs. Valve has not yet officially announced the port, but Cult of Mac has confirmed that the game does download to, install and run on OS X, and is available for $9.99 (approx Rs 500) on Steam. Geek claims … Continue reading

Take down of fifth most widespread ‘Virut Botnet’

  NASK the domain registrar that operates the “.pl” Polish top-level domain registry has seized multiple domains used for cyber crime activities by spreading Waledac malware distributed by the Virut botnet. According to Poland’s Computer Emergency Response Team, Virut was first detected in 2006 and became a serious threat with an estimated size of more than 300,000 compromised … Continue reading

Security Flaws in UPnP protocol put 50 million devices at risk

A Security Flaw in Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) are exposing more than 50 millions of computers, printers and storage drives to attack by hackers remotely. Rapid7 said Tuesday in a research paper, that problem lies in routers and other networking equipment that use a commonly employed standard known as Universal Plug and Play or UPnP. UPnP allows … Continue reading

Stabuniq Trojan rapidly stealing data from US banks

Stabuniq Trojan rapidly stealing data from US banks   Trojan.Stabuniq geographic distribution by unique IP address Security researchers from Symantec have identified a new Trojan that appears to be targeting financial institutions. Dubbed Trojan.Stabuniq, the malware has been collecting information from infected systems potentially for the preparation of a more damaging attack. According to researchers, roughly 40 IP … Continue reading

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