How To: Use an old smartphone or tablet as a security camera

Don’t throw away or retire your older smartphones and tablets. Deploy them as a security camera around your home or office.     We bet there will be many of you who have an old smartphone or tablet that is lying almost useless simply because either it under performs, is outdated hardware or there are … Continue reading

Firefox OS WhatsApp client may be in the pipeline

Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp, which recently dismissed the notion of being bought over by Facebook and Google, may just be headed to Firefox OS. The app, which currently has over 300 million active users a month across more than a 100 countries, might be getting an official version released for the alternative OS before the end of the year, according … Continue reading

Google CEO: Facebook is doing a really bad job

Google CEO Larry Page said in a recent interview with Wired magazine that Facebook is doing a “really bad job with its products”. Page did not elaborate on the reasons why he thinks so, nor did he name any products. Page, who generally claims Google is not affected by competition, levelled direct criticism at Facebook for probably the first time. … Continue reading

I hack, reflection on the role of hacker

  The role of hacker is recognized as crucial today in cyber security, these specialists are the nightmare of security experts but their knowledge is fundamental to understand the vulnerabilities of our infrastructures … think like a hacker if you want really protect your system. But hacking is a culture, a way of life that is … Continue reading

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones   Soon, you would have the ability to carry a proper desktop operating system on your mobile phone. The firm behind the Ubuntu operating system, Canonical has announced a version of its software for smartphones. Instead of Android, now users will be able to run a very different Linux-based OS , the long-awaited … Continue reading

Developer expelled by Google Play Store on posting Malicious Android apps

Developer expelled by Google Play Store on posting Malicious Android apps   Google Play Developer Console enables developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly to users of Android-compatible phones. Recently someone posted on Reddit that a developer is trying to spread malware by masquerading infected programs as legitimate software.   The account of the … Continue reading

Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk

Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk   Suddenly today Google Chrome start detecting as malware threat. Twitpic is one of the most popular website for Sharing photos and videos on Twitter. Twitpic denies and said that there is no malware on the website and is trying to contact Google. We also notice that, Twitter profiles … Continue reading

Best Android apps of 2012: Evernote, Pinterest make it to the list

Best Android apps of 2012: Evernote, Pinterest make it to the list Android users! If you have felt as lost as a kid in a candy store when in Google Play, it has to be because of the sheer number and categories of apps in there. But there are some that outshone the others in … Continue reading

First image of BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY device emerges online

First image of BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY device emerges online Research in Motion is expected to debut two BlackBerry 10 handsets when it launches its new BlackBerry 10 operating system on January 30, 2013. The latest information about the upcoming BlackBerry handsets is about a QWERTY N-Series device that is goes by the moniker X10. This … Continue reading

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